Canon rebel t3 bundle deals

Does not include a case. Does not include instructions.

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Does not include original packaging. Unknown shutter count. Canon T3 body and Accessories Shown. Pictures are of the actual item! What you see is what you get. LCD screen has very minor scratches. Comes with the mm lens. Glass is clean and scratch free. Includes camera body, lens, and battery. No charger. Condition is Used. The lens works but recently has beensticking a bit when I go to extend it.

What's included only what you see in our photos is what's included. Original box, instructions, and I'm including a case!! Everything's there!! Used it literally twice! Free shipping. Comes with 2 lenses one mm and a 50mm lens. Camera works great just upgrading so no longer need. Comes with a whole bundle, camera, 3 extra zoom lenses. A disc case, a remote control.

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I have since upgraded and no longer have a need for it. The body and lenses are in fully functional condition. We promise we can make you happy if you give us a fair chance. Brand new never used. Took out box and tried out but didn't end up needing as intended. Comes with bag and extra lense. Camera has been tested working and is guaranteed fully functional. No scratches or defects. Only used a few times. Keep in smoke free home in closet. ISO - for shooting from bright to dim light. For your protection and ours, security stickers are added to all products and serial numbers are recorded.

SLR autofocus accuracy is governed in part by how far apart you can space the sensor elements for a single AF point from each other. The wider this "baseline," the more accurately the AF point can determine focus. What limits the AF baseline spacing in a camera system is the lens aperture. You can build sensors with wider baselines, but that also restricts the range of lenses they can be used with. But once the baseline spacing is set, using a faster lens doesn't improve focus accuracy any, unless you add a larger baseline sensor.

Of course, there is also a manual focus mode.

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Like previous digital Rebels, the Canon T3 uses the built-in flash head as its AF-assist illuminator, rather than a bright light built into the camera's body. This works well because the flash is quite bright, and probably has a greater range than do typical on-body incandescent illuminator bulbs.

Following the lead of the T1i, you can disable the internal flash, yet still have the benefit of the flash-based AF-assist illuminator.

You do this via the Flash Control menu, but note that this AF-illuminator-only setting for the flash head means you lose flash exposure capability until you explicitly turn it back on. If you attach a EX external flash unit to the Rebel T3, its internal AF-assist illuminator can be used instead of the flash head itself, providing a useful working range of about 50 feet with a less obtrusive light source. Note though, that we haven't tested the ST-E2 ourselves, so we can't verify this performance independently.

Those models use an active approach to fighting the ill effects of dust in images, shaking dust particles off the low-pass filter in front of the sensor using a piezoelectric element, but the Rebel T3 instead relies solely--at least, in terms of hardware--on an antistatic coating that attempts to prevent dust adhering in the first place.

In terms of software, the camera can be triggered to map any spots where dust has adhered to the sensor, saving it as Dust Delete Data and subsequently subtracting dust spots from the final image during post processing with a compatible personal computer and the supplied Digital Photo Professional software. The only provision for physically removing dust once it adheres to the sensor is a manual sensor cleaning function which raises the mirror, and allows users to clean dust that may have stuck to the low-pass filter. We haven't yet seen an automatic system capable of removing all dust, but with the T3 lacking even a basic cleaning system, its users are even more likely to have to either learn how to clean their sensor, or send the camera in for cleaning.

Everyone understands that lenses sometimes get dust on them and need to be cleaned, and there are a lot of lens-cleaning cloths, solutions and other accessories on the market that work well. But what do you do when your sensor gets dusty? Dust specks on the sensor tend to show up when shooting at very small apertures, appearing as dark blobs on your images. They're distracting at best, a terrible nuisance at worst, if you end up having to retouch every image to be rid of them.

Most of us are naturally leery of the idea of poking around inside the delicate innards of our DSLRs to wrestle with recalcitrant dust specks. Gently blowing the sensor surface actually, the surface of the anti-aliasing filter with compressed air gets rid of some dust, but there's invariably a lot that just stays stuck, no matter what.

Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR Camera with 18-55mm and 75-300mm Lens Kit

So what do you do? If you've got dust specks on your sensor and sooner or later you will , you're going to need to clean it. There are a lot of products out there intended to address this need, but a distressing number of them work poorly if at all , and many are grossly overpriced. Advertising hype is rampant, with bogus pseudo-scientific jargon and absurd product claims. And prices - Did we mention prices?

We don't pretend to have used everything currently on the market, we but can tell you about one solution that worked very well for us. The " Copper Hill " cleaning method is straightforward and safe, and in our routine usage here at Imaging Resource, very effective. Better yet, the products sold by Copper Hill Imaging are very reasonably priced. Best of all, Nicholas R proprietor of Copper Hill has put together an amazingly detailed tutorial on sensor cleaning, free for all.

Sensor cleaning is one of the last things people think about when buying a DSLR, but it's vital to capturing the best possible images. Take our advice and order a cleaning kit from Copper Hill right along with your DSLR, so you'll have it close at hand when you need it: You'll be glad you did! While they've advertised on our sister site SLRgear.

We just think their sensor cleaning products are among the best on the market, and like their way of doing business. Check them out.

The 35mm equivalent range is about mm, because of the T3's 1. Sharpness is quite good at 18mm, however there's moderate chromatic aberration visible in the corners. Results at full telephoto are quite good too, with good sharpness across the frame and lower levels of chromatic aberration. Flash throttled down well.

The Canon T3's macro performance will of course depend entirely on the lens in use. Resolution was pretty good, but details were a bit soft, and corners had a small amount of additional softening. Most lenses have some softening in the corners at macro distances, but this lens performed better than average in the corners.

There is no glass element in the adapter it is not a speed booster. For high image quality it includes two aspherical elements and multi-layer coating. There is a 67mm thread for the front filters. Sigma lenses are known for being very sharp wide open and I think this lens would be a great choice for interview setups for example. The full-frame equivalent of the lens is mm. I have this lens and use it very often with my GH5. The focal lengths are perfect for quick run-n-gun type of workflow, but also for shooting interviews. The focus ring has an autofocus mode and manual focus mode with fixed distance marks, which is essential for follow focus.

Overall a great lens for a great price. Buy link: Olympus M. With its This discount is in form of a cashback. That means you need to pay the full price and then get the cashback. Please read the conditions before buying the camera to make sure your purchase qualifies for the cashback. Despite being the entry-level Super35 cinema camera from Sony, it offers some very cool features, like the electronic variable ND filter. Certainly a nice deal to consider. Share with us if you know and like any of these products. Sony a Camera Body Only. Jakub Han. Author of this post: Jakub Han.

Jakub Han is a freelance filmmaker based in Vienna.