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We have a huge selection of firearms, ammunition, holsters, optics, jewelry, electronics, and more! There is no one that gives you more for your items. Interested in getting your concealed carry permit? We offer classes weekly and have the best price in town. We offer a large selection of fine jewelry for both men and women at affordable and competitive prices. Our Virginia Beach Blvd location offers 8 lanes that can accommodate pistols, shotguns, and pistol caliber carbines.

The Lishelle Place location has 18 lanes that extend to 25 yards and can accommodate pistols, shotguns and rifles up to and including caliber. Visit our store during operating hours, we provide and maintain a safe, clean and secure buying and selling environment. Follow us on Facebook as well to keep up to date on new items. Tuesday - Saturday am - pm. Check Us Out on EBay! Here are a just a few of our items for sale. You can bid on any of them by clicking below. Gemco Coins. Come in and see our wide selection of coins, mint sets and paper currency.

Gemco Jewelry. Have Old Jewelry Laying Around? We pay cash for gold jewelry, come in and see us today. Call Some places are honey holes and some guys are running a museum.

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Many places don't want to come off the price of things until they have been out 30 days. Here I have one pawn shop that is an incredible gravy train and have had good ones in the past.

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Most of the others have some of the same guns they have had for three years. Just give them a try. All they can do is say no. MD, USA. Offer a fair price - they aren't the only game in town, so just walk. Beware Panopticon. They know, and I know, that their prices are insane. Lots of times they get their asking price.

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They know I'm not going to fall for that. If the usual discount doesn't make the deal sweet enough they'll look up their price and then demand a reasonable profit.

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Some times we strike a deal, some times not. Lately all they've had is junk. I suspect the owner is amassing a guitar collection of epic proportions.

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TX, USA. Used ones they generally have a fair amt of room to move new ones not so much. MI, USA. The pawn shop near me is ridiculous. They won't budge for shit and I have no idea how they stay in business.

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Mumford Jones. AZ, USA.

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I haven't found a pawnshop in a very long time, that was actually interested in selling anything on their shelves. They must make bank on the people that actually pay their loans, or are money laundering operations.

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Try a local gun board, or perhaps put a note up on a bulletin board at a local gun range.. Place an ad on the "wanted" forum of the EE. I bought a beater barrel on the EE for my to practice cutting to sbs length and retapping the bead. Sucks that it turned out so nice that I am still running it and my original barrel is un-cut. Simple Solutions to Complex problems.

This is why we can't have nice things. Originally Posted By simplemitch: The pawn shop near me is ridiculous. Front seat rider of the short bus! Window licker extraordinaire! ME, USA. It varies so widely from shop to shop and gun to gun Just be aware of what the gun is really selling for used on the web auctions to keep yourself from getting carried away.

Let the guy know your not a fool , but dont get too cocky and insulting. I've found a few deals over the years but seen too many that were just ridiculous to even start haggling. CA, USA. Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. John Adams, Happiness is a Belt Fed Weapon.

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They think that they are a legitimate store, and that their prices are not negotiable, if that's the case, leave. I hate dealing with people like that; Similar story: There's people all over craigslist who are selling late 80's early 90's trucks and cars that are beat to shit one comes to mind that didn't even have an engine and they're looking to get or more for a 91 F with no wheels or some crazy shit.

People always think what they have is awesome and valuable, and your shit is valueless. CT, USA.