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Yes be I know male stomachs are very sensitive Shania Twain to flavors and its hard to satisfy "attachments" them sometimes. Cooking Cake with rhubarb we pour 2 teaspoon of ground coriander. To know understand to experience. Resistant zabaweczka for thirteen-year-old boy project runway when it flies we recommend. Inspector for Beccles and Bungay, Nick Aitken, said: "We have now had three similar incidents in the last three weeks, these are appalling crimes and the perpetrators usually prey on vulnerable members of the community.

I urge everyone to be extra vigilant when receiving phone calls or visitors to the home, and would ask that if you have an elderly or vulnerable friend, relative or neighbour - you make sure that they are aware of these type of scams so that they do not become a victim. As we have seen in two of these incidents, the victim will be asked to call the police to authenticate the call, but the fraudsters hold the line open so when the victim calls back they are speaking to them and not the police. If you receive such a call leave the landline for at least five minutes before making an outside call or alternatively use a different phone such as a friend or neighbour's to call the police.

Fraudsters will keep the line open and have been known to play ring tones, hold music and a recorded message down the phone so the victim believes they are making a call to a legitimate number Use a friend or neighbour's telephone instead Friends, family, carers and neighbours are asked to spread the word to ensure everyone is aware of this scam and what they should do If you have been a victim call police on or if you are vulnerable and need police assistance - and remember allow your landline to clear for at least five minutes before you call, or ideally use an alternative line.

Beccles resident targeted in 'Police Officer' scam Warning of "Police Officer" scam after Beccles resident targeted full story here. Appeal following burglary - Trimley - 25 February Police are appealing for information after money was stolen after a business premises was broken into in Thorpe Lane in Trimley.

Sometime between 4pm on Thursday 19 and 8am on Friday 20 February someone broke in and took the cash. Were you in the area during these times? Did you witness any suspicious activity? A multi-agency operation to target criminals using Suffolk's roads has seen 40 vehicles stopped between 7. The aim was to catch criminals and to deal with any offences as well as removing any unsafe vehicles from the roads, with fuel testing, drugs checks and vehicle examinations all being carried out.

Earlier in the week more than 30 vehicles were checked by police and partner agencies during a joint operation in Lowestoft. Operation Quartzite was held at the Belvedere Road car park between 8. Thirty-six vehicles were escorted to the site with 16 being issued with immediate prohibitions. Seven vehicles were given delayed prohibitions and 18 advisory notices were issued. A number of people were searched following passive drugs dog indications and two people were given warnings for possession of cannabis. Three vehicles were seized as the driver had no insurance or no licence and 20 traffic offence reports were issued for offences including driving with no MoT, for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition and for using an overweight vehicle.

We will be continuing to carry out checks to catch those committing crime and other trading offences and will work with partners to deny criminals use of the roads. Some 1, cold calls to members of the public had been made by the gang. In all the offences, gang members posed as police officers or bank staff and told their victims that their bank accounts had been infiltrated by thieves. The tricksters claimed that, as part of their investigations, they needed to carry out forensic tests of the victim's bank cards and PINs or they needed large amounts of cash to be used for forensic tests.

Two of the group acted as couriers and collected cards and PINs which were used immediately at cash machines near their victims' homes. Four of the men were arrested last July after search warrants were executed in north London during an operation by officers from the Eastern Regional Special Operations Unit ERSOU which, last March, set up a special task force to investigate the rapidly-spreading frauds by thieves posing as police or bank officials. The fifth man was arrested in October. More than 80 officers from Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and the Metropolitan Police were involved in the searches of addresses in the Camden area.

Numerous phones and computers were seized by the regional ERSOU team, which was set up to investigate hundreds of similar frauds and attempted frauds being carried out across East Anglia. The five men were sentenced at St Alban's Crown Court today, Monday, February 2, after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing. The judge, Stephen Warner, told the five that the public had to have confidence that offences of credit card fraud would be properly investigated by the police and what they had done by impersonating the police and bank officials had 'undermined that confidence'.

He felt that it was warranted to make a departure from the sentencing guidelines to ensure the sentences reflected the seriousness of the offences. He told the five: "These were mean and cynical offences deliberately planned to take advantage of the vulnerable and done to obtain financial gain. Those who commit these offences can expect substantial terms of imprisonment. Roadside Scam - Wednesday 4 February Police are urging motorists to be aware of a potential roadside scam involving men claiming to have broken down.

The warning follows a number of incidents in Norfolk and Suffolk this week whereby drivers have been flagged down by men from a supposedly broken down car. Motorists are either asked for cash so they can purchase fuel, or offered jewellery in exchange for cash. The jewellery often appears to be low value - either cheap gold or polished metal - and not worth what they are asked to pay. Officers are urging motorists to be vigilant and to report any similar incidents to police - using the number for suspicious activity or if you believe a crime is in progress.

Meanwhile, police in Suffolk dealt with an incident the same day on the A14 at Bury St Edmunds where a patrolling officer stopped a VW seen in suspicious circumstances at the roadside just before 1. Enquiries resulted in the driver of the VW being arrested and later charged with a series of offences. The year-old man from Bedfordshire was later charged with possession of articles for the use in fraud and two counts of committing fraud by false representation.

Saying he would clear up debris from hedge being cut, saying he knew the gardener. Forty pounds given to offender who has not returned to clear up. Description of offender - white male, approx. Car Crimes in Trimley - Can you help with these incidents? Brotherton Avenue - overnight 7 - 8 January - entry to vehicle by smashing window. Wallet removed from door panel.

Spriteshall Lane - overnight 7 - 8 January - entry to insecure vehicle on driveway. Search made. Nothing appears stolen. If you have any information about any of the crimes mentioned, please either contact the Police on or anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on Trading Standards and Fire Service join forces for scam alert - Wednesday 14 January Suffolk businesses and residents are urged to be alert to a scam in which bogus callers claim to be selling advertising space for Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service.

The warning from the fire service and trading standards comes after a Wickham Market business reported a man trying to sell them an advert. When the business declined the caller became aggressive and then finally hung up. If you have received a similar call, please report the matter to Trading Standards on The email went on to demand that he responded by providing personal information within 72 hours, otherwise further action would be taken. Pictures of the property were emailed and details supplied of the monthly rent required. Suffolk Trading Standards are asking prospective tenants to be wary of too good to be true offers, and take a few simple steps to ensure that they are not parting money with a scammer.

Read more on this story and hints and tips for would-be tennents here. Suffolk Coastal - wheelie bin pincher?

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Please remind your members to put bins away once they have been collected to reduce the opportunity of them being taken. If possible put the bins out on the day of collection. If there is a vehicle involved, obtain the registration, description of vehicle, make, model, identifying marks and description of people involved. The 12 online frauds of Christmas - please look at Suffolk Police website www. The campaign runs from 3 November. The Good Neighbours Stop Rogue Traders campaign focuses on preventing doorstep crime by encouraging neighbours, family, friends and carers to look out for those most at risk in their communities.

Despite vast under-reporting of doorstep crime, latest research shows there could be as many as , incidents of doorstep crime each year. Doorstep criminals exploit vulnerable citizens by convincing them to pay for shoddy or incomplete repair work, charging extortionate fees for their services, or threatening residents who do not comply.

Some fantastic entries were received and the winner is amateur film maker Kevin Turner, from Reading. To view his winning video Good Neighbours and read the full press release visit the TSI website The video can be viewed directly on YouTube by clicking here. Neighbourhood Watch is a vital and successful aid to the police. It helps in the prevention, detection and deterrence of offences while fostering community spirit and reducing the fear of crime.

Check out our latest information, and find out whats happening in your area by visiting our new website www. On Monday 20 October, an year-old woman from the Bury St Edmunds area was contacted by phone by a man claiming that he was a police officer. He said that someone had tried to access her bank account and she would therefore need to withdraw the cash so that it could be checked. The bogus police officer made several phone calls, instructing the victim not to tell anyone about his requests because he was working undercover and saying he would book a taxi for her so that she could bring him the money.

The woman refused and told a friend after which police were contacted. No money was handed over. On Thursday 23 October, a year-old woman from Shotley also received a telephone call from a man purporting to be a police officer. He claimed that bank staff were trying to steal all her money from her account and, in order to protect it, she should withdraw it all and hand it over to him. Again, she was told not to tell anyone and a taxi was booked for her.

Detectives investigating both crimes are reminding people not to divulge bank account details, PINs or withdraw any cash for the police. DI David Giles said: "If you have vulnerable or elderly family, friends, or neighbours, please take the time to make sure they are aware never to give out personal information over the phone to people they don't know - especially bank details. If you believe that you or someone you know may have been affected by a scam such as this, or similar, please call the police on or if it is an emergency.

National Consumer Week. NCW launches 3 November and focuses on a friends and family campaign designed to stop the detriment caused by doorstep traders. Most callers at your door will be genuine people. However, it is important to be aware of the risk of posed by distraction burglars and bogus callers. Their aim is to get inside your home to steal from you or, in the case or rogue traders, overcharge you for work that they may do.

Here you will find the doorstep protocol recommended by Suffolk Police and the Safe and Sound Group to help protect against distraction burglaries and bogus callers. Lock - Is your back door locked? Always check it is as soon as someone knocks at your door or rings your bell. Bogus callers often have an accomplice who may try to enter your home by the back door while you are distracted.

Stop - Do not open the door until you have looked through a window or used a door viewer to see who is on your doorstep. Remember, you do not have to open your door to anyone, especially someone you are not expecting or do not know. If in doubt, keep them out by keeping your door shut. Consider calling a friend or relative, if you have a warden call or community alarm, press your button and call them.

If the caller looks suspicious or you are frightened, do not open the door call Chain - If you feel that you need to speak to the caller, use a door-chain. Do not open the door unless you put the chain on first so that you can see the person on your doorstep. Find out who they are and what they want. Close the door again while you do the following: Check - Check their identity.

If they say they are from a water, gas or electricity company they will have photo identification. If they cannot produce a bone fide identification card, send them away and close the door. Beware of phone calls - if you do speak with the person at your front door and your telephone rings, do not leave the person alone on your doorstep and disappear out of sight. They may take the opportunity to enter your house! With the use of mobile phones, the distraction burglars could easily find your telephone number and call your home phone.

What if a caller states it's an emergency? Even if they say there is an emergency do not let them in. One of the common ruses used by bogus callers is to say that they are from one of the utility companies or boards as they used to be known. The Safe and Sound Group would like to dispel the belief utility company and council employees have some sort of right of entry to their home. No utility company or council employee has any right to enter your home without a warrant from a court. If there is any real emergency involving water, electricity or gas they will not knock on your door unless accompanied by police officer.

Police had been contacted shortly after 2am on Sunday 28 September by the woman who was reporting that someone had broken into her flat and sexually assaulted her in the Walton area of the town. Shortly after 8pm this evening, Tuesday 30 September, a year-old man from Felixstowe was arrested at his home address on suspicion of rape and burglary and is currently being questioned by detectives at the Police Investigation Centre in Martlesham.

A year-old boy from Ipswich was arrested in connection with the rape on Sunday 28 September. He has been bailed and is due to return to the Martlesham Police Investigation Centre on 24 November Police remain in the area where the incident took place conducting enquiries and carrying out reassurance patrols.

Specialist trained officers together with partner agencies are working with the victim to ensure she receives the best possible care and attention and is helped through this difficult time. Anyone who was in the Walton area of Felixstowe in the early hours of Sunday 28 September who may have any information in relation to this incident is asked to contact the Joint Norfolk and Suffolk Major Investigation Team on or Crimestoppers on Suffolk Police were contacted shortly after 2am on Sunday 28 September by an elderly female who reported that someone had broken into her flat and sexually assaulted her in the Walton area of Felixstowe.

This investigation continues in terms of priority enquiries, including carrying out house to house enquiries and speaking with witnesses. A year-old male from Ipswich who was arrested in Felixstowe on suspicion of rape has been bailed, pending further enquiries. Superintendent Paul Sharp, the Policing Commander for Suffolk Coastal and Waveney is working with the investigation team and partners to provide reassurance through visible police patrols and key safety messages.

Please be reassured that someone unwanted entering your home in Suffolk is a rare occurrence and taking simple steps to make your home less accessible will help to deter a would-be intruder. The following safety advice will be helpful for anyone who may be concerned for a relative, friend or their own safety:. If you have any concerns about suspicious activity taking place you are urged to call the police straight away on the emergency number We are still keen to hear from anyone who may have seen something, however unimportant they might think it is to please contact the Major Investigation Team at Suffolk police on or Crimestoppers on But clicking the attachment downloads a zip file containing a virus.

Read more on this article via Suffolk Trading Standards blog here. Be on your guard for 'Phishing' e-mails The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau NFIB has received reports from victims of a type of email containing an attachment which will, once opened, download malware onto the victim's computer. We are raising awareness of this type of email in order to help people to stop themselves from becoming victims. If you think you have been a victim of this type of email you should report it to Action Fraud, the UK's national fraud and cyber-crime reporting centre.

If you do make a report please provide as much detail as you can about the email and any effects it has had on your computer. Additionally if your Anti-Virus software detects any issues in relation to this email please provide us with the details. Police are reminding drivers to lock and secure vehicles and not to leave valuables in cars or vans when they are unattended. The reminder comes following two further incidents in the Trimley St Mary area.

At around A quantity of cash was stolen from the centre console of the vehicle. The offender is described as a slim build white male aged in his 20s with short brown hair and was wearing a dark Puffa style jacket and jeans. Rogue Trader Warning - 11th August Police are warning residents to be vigilant against rogue traders following an incident last week.

Three men in a white Ford Transit van attended the property concerned offering roofing services. The resident was asked to come outside by one of the men to examine the roof, at which point one of the other men was moving the chimney stack around, pulling bricks out and putting them back in. The men said they could repair the chimney for a cash deal, but the victim declined saying she was not interested and so the men left.

Police are warning residents to beware of rogue traders and not to accept offers of work such as this. For more information on how to protect yourself from rogue traders click the following link for Trading Standards advice. A woman in her 60s living in Kessingland was called by a man at around 4.

The man indicated he had arrested a man who was in custody who had fraudulently withdrawn funds from her bank account and she needed to contact her bank straight away. Believing the call to be a bit odd, the woman didn't call her bank straight away, but called them later. The bank advised her that the call had been a ruse to scam her out of money and that no action was needed.

The lady also called the Metropolitan Police who confirmed the same. We have been issuing advice over the past few months since this particular type of scam started in Suffolk, advising people not to call their bank immediately, confirm bank details or hand over any money. People committing these crimes come up with different, more elaborate scam ideas all the time.

Their victims are often older or vulnerable people and when they purport to be police officers they sound very plausible. When the victim hangs up to then call their bank or the relevant force where the man was ringing from , the scammer doesn't hang up which in effect leaves the line open so the victim then calls them back. We would advise people to never give out their bank details; a bank or a police officer would never ask you to clarify these details over the phone. He was on a very special mission on behalf of JLR.

These 50 handpicked Land Rovers will do a round of the circuit on each of the three days of the festival. This is in commemoration of the first Land Rover produced in and to say goodbye to the last Defender of Some might argue the end of the rather distinctive looking Land Rover. Next, I made my way to the various club stands. Their members wanted to showcase their vehicles and rightly so. To get some sort of idea of how highly regarded the collection is one only needs to look at the type of person that attends the open weekend.

The most obvious attendee is the rivet counter of course, but I also spotted several rather senior past and present Jaguar Land Rover staff members. Collection trustee and the man with the golden voice, Richard Beddall, was on the microphone during the day, he also introduced some of the guest speakers and Land Rover legends such as Dave Harlow, David Sneath, Mike Gould and Graham Archer.

Some of them gave informative talks during the course of the weekend. On the Friday evening I stood around the BBQ chatting to a fellow who had come all the way from Australia to see the finest collection of Land Rovers in the world. He was just one of many that have travelled from afar. Nor who uses it. Get a Quote Online warrantywise. Not to mention the hassle of dealfrg with the garage and being without your motor for days, or even weeks on end. An award-winning oar repair plan from Warrantywise gives you total peace of mind when your car goes bang! After being based near Peterborough for over 28 years, Nene Overland recently opened up a second location in Maidenhead, Berkshire.

The new operation brings our long-standing Land Rover specialist knowledge to the South East. Right on the doorstep for those living in London and along the M4 and M40 corridors. Peterborough remains the home for our specialist departments like bespoke DEFENDER ICON builds, modifications, bodyshop and Defender sales but Maidenhead now offers everything a Land Rover owner should need: Main-Dealer level servicing at independent prices, vehicle sales, parts, accessories and expedition equipment.

While your pride and joy is in the hands of our enthusiastic technicians you can relax, enjoy our free wi-fi, ly r XI r D I A Km coffee. We are open Monday to Saturday from 8 am. Come and see it for yourself! The widest field of expertise out there to advise you, since Our Maidenhead Team will be happy to assist you when looking to buy a new Land Rover, servicing your existing vehicle or just need it valeted and detailed to get it back to showroonn condition. We are just a short walk from Maidenhead train station if you need to drop-off before work or put your feet up and relax in our comfortable reception, watch TV and drink our coffee while it's in the workshop.

Historically, the town was built up around the flax and weaving industries, before iron and steel making took over in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Alan Hewitson has lived in the area all of his life, is an engineer, and has been a big fan of all things Solihull from an early age. I then got married and needed more reliable transport, although I also owned a Defender for a short period. Then one day in the summer of , he happened to be browsing on eBay.

I spotted this Series 2 up in Arbroath. I recognised the old City of Dundee number plate, so realised it was a local vehicle. I then decided to check it out. I got in touch with the owner, and he agreed to show me the vehicle while the bids were still coming in. I then put in a bid on the last day of the auction, and was successful.

We had a family weekend already arranged in Inverness, and stopped off at Arbroath on the way home to conclude the deal. The steering was also erratic, which meant we had to have frequent stops. My heart was in my mouth, but fortunately we made it back to Kilbirnie in one piece. Just as well because my wife was beginning to think I was mad! It turned out the Series 2 Serial no: was a home market model. This lasted for about a year, until the cylinder head gasket went. It was at that point that I decided to give it a full resto.

They turned the 2. They suggested I drain it of oil, before wrapping it in polythene and putting it on a pallet. Much to my surprise they collected it the same afternoon, and it was back in Ayrshire three weeks later. The cab also featured side windows, and a rounded roof still used on recent Land Rovers. This larger 72 hp unit would set the standard, until diesel became more popular in the mids. Variants included a twelve-seater station wagon.

This was introduced to take advantage of prevailing tax laws, and remained a popular body style for many years. Apparently the fourth gear was broken, and had to be replaced. The gearbox now has synchromesh on all four gears. I realise these are not as suitable for serious off-roading or carrying a heavy load, but that suits me just fine. During this period, I must have spent half of my spare time scouring the internet for the proper parts at the best prices.

Autosparks Limited from Nottingham also supplied me with a new wiring loom. Obviously these had to go, and I managed to get hold of the correct items. The seats are the right ones for the model, and are covered in imitation elephant hide. The owner was true to his word, and it was in good nick. Needless to say, Alan has enjoyed being part of the Green Oval scene again and looks set to have this one for the foreseeable future. Please renew my subscription with this offer. For full details please visit our viebsite www. Gift limited to subscribers.

Please atlow 23 days for delivery. UK onty. Dennis Publishing reserves the rtght to limit offers of this kind to one per household. Complete with black Nylon sheath. A great all-rounder, perfect for camping! TM D31 47 tested. I pSftake, pour, drive. Why choose a Revotec Cooling Kit? W,1iO t. Our dedrcated 4x4 team will ensure you have the right - insurance cover to keep you protected whild you. I an caste rinsurance. The sun breaks the horizon, and the chilly wind whirls around us in the open-air Defender.

We have her trimmed down to the basics so she's well- suited for a rugged life in Mexico. The air con has been removed, so has the cubby box and stereo, as well as the back seat and tyre rack. Fuel efficiency and dependability are among our primary concerns. We travel like backpackers and don't leave much in the open Rover. Our no-frills travel lightly tactic has worked for Mexico and Central America, but we'll have to outfit her a little better when we head down to the colder South America. Sean and I have been living in the Sierra Madre mountain range of Central Mexico for seven years, exploring Mexico and Central America every chance that we get.

We are adventurers at heart and spend the majority of our time doing just that. As a writer- photographer duo, our adventures are our livelihood. After months on the road, sweet San Miguel always welcomes us home. We exit the highway near Matahuala and take a 22 km cobblestone road through semi-desert terrain, winding through archaeological ruins, strange vegetation and dry riverbeds to the entrance of the Ogarrio tunnel. This 2.

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The mines closed and this once-prosperous community of 14, was reduced to fewer than inhabitants. Today this stony, sun-bleached town is slowly coming back to life. Far from its heyday with European luxury stores and the most productive silver mines of New Spain, tourism is reviving this small economy; now there are a few simple hotels and a handful of good restaurants.

We venture out in the valley below Real de Catorce to explore the small towns, like Refugio de los 14, Santa Cruz de las Caretas, Estacion 14, Walde, Vanegas, and the fascinating desert flora and fauna. The trail we take out of Real is the old entrance to the town - a narrow road of dirt and rock heading down the mountain with a sharp drop-off on the left.

Signs caution: 4x4 vehicles only. Further down, the trail comes to life with cactus blooms. This desert and its surrounding mountains are a pilgrimage destination for the Huichol shamans. The Huicholes, an indigenous people of Mexico, walk across the wide expanse of desert from Nayarit, Durango, Jalisco and Zacatecas to the valley of Catorce in spring to present offerings atop their sacred Burned Mountain, the place said to have welcomed their ancestral god, Tatewari' or Grandfather Fire, to the world. Many ceremonies take place here, often involving the use of peyote, the sacred hallucinogenic cactus ingested to communicate with their god.

In the desert, we meet goat herders, hippies, and hikers. Over the hard earth, we weave through cacti and brush. We move slowly, taking in the scenery and the dry desert air. The Rover seems quite at home. We camp beneath a wide-open night sky. Back in Real, we swap stories with the owners of the eight working Willys Jeep wagons in town. It is amazing how these vehicles continue to dominate the rugged terrain after 50 years - a true testament to the vehicles' build and the resourcefulness of those who maintain them. These vehicles connect Real de Catorce to neighbouring towns and also take visitors out to the desert on weekends.

The Willys drivers all loved La Poderosa. One called her a 'beautiful machine'. She's made for what she does: getting us in and out of hard to reach places. Comfort and First World amenities take a back seat on these trips. However, after a week of tooling around this unforgiving land, we run into mechanical trouble. We roll up at a very simple garage and are greeted by a father and son. The plan is to see if the damaged prop shaft will receive a new UJ without too much wobble.

We also check if the Rover will drive in high range with only the rear prop shaft in place, but this does not work: the transfer case sends all energy to the absent front prop shaft. Engaging the differential does work, but we are still almost road kilometres from home. With any luck, a new UJ will do the trick. A Defender-specific part would be harder to find out here.

For our '95, we usually order parts through Rovers North in Vermont and ship them to Texas. Mexican courier services then bring the items across the border. Given what a lengthy process this can be, we often rely on aftermarket parts available in Mexico as well as a healthy dose of Mexican ingenuity - especially if we have problems on the road far from home.

Mexico has a relatively young Land Rover tradition and while Land Rover Mexico does stock some parts for the more modern Defender Puma 2. Riding with the mechanic in a dilapidated Dodge, we find a UJ in a neighbouring town and manage to get it in place using the basic tools at hand - not ideal but a pretty tight fit considering the condition of the prop shaft. La Poderosa will need a thorough check-up before heading back out; she needs to be in tip-top shape because we have big plans for her.

We ride south, going home. I have previously photographed some of these vehicles on exercise and on display in Poland and the Czech Republic. It had been my intention to try to capture the latest models at the IDET military expo in , but the sudden and massive downturn in the economy meant the trip would not be cost-effective. So, I decided to cancel my plans, to write off the relatively minor expense of my pre-booked cheap airline tickets, and to concentrate on the exercises and training of UK Forces instead.

When they left the production line at Solihull they were essentially very close in specification to civilian models, but had certain militarised components. The vehicle featured this month is one of the latter, as is evident by the bulged bonnet and side-mounted spare wheel configuration. A quick look at its handbook plus a check of its VIN plate confirmed it was manufactured in , long after Land Rover ceased production of Td5 Defenders. So what precisely is this strange vehicle, you are no doubt asking.

This was essentially a three- door soft top Defender IIO with a removable side-hinged tailgate and a Czech manufactured rear cage supporting a ring mount for a I2. The roll- cage layout of this 5 -door vehicle was very similar to the 3-door version deployed in , but it had proper seats for four troops in addition to the top cover gunner.

Removable armoured side doors were also fitted and the driver was given a fold-down half-width windscreen. Effectively the converters, AMT Defense, took a Puma-engined Defender Crew Cab and removed the upper cab body, then added a WMIK-style roll- cage and weapons ring platform from the B -pillar to the rear of the vehicle with a single forward strut over the front cab area and down to the engine bulkhead. As with the Czech SOV II, the armoured side doors are easily removable, as are the underbelly mine protection plate and the armoured half windscreen in front of the driver.

The first Ranger unit however, was a non-conventional English military force formed by Captain Benjamin Church in Massachusetts in to fight in the First Indian War. The first one is relatively easy to answer, as we know that UK Forces have geared up to keep the bulk of their Wolf fleet running for the next ten to 15 years, but the second one is a lot harder. Land Rover have always been very good at the black art of spreading disinformation and false clues.

When used non-tactically a low-profile foul weather canopy can be fitted. And the now all- professional Army of the Czech Republic ACR has operated militarily in the same manner as other Alliance nations like, for example, the United Kingdom or the Netherlands. However it is different from its more western neighbours in that it still uses much of the light weaponry and ammunition it did when it was on the eastern side of the Iron Curtain. Hence the There is a fifth conventional seat, which also swivels, on the left rear compartment floor and between this and the second row seats there is a simple back-up seat for the main gunner.

These vehicles, of which 79 were purchased, are all Fitted For Radio with antenna mount on the front left wing and terminal boxes above and behind driver and commander. In addition to conventional lighting, with night convoy override, they also have a single central hooded headlight with a removable cover and hood so that only the driver can see the beam. This light sits behind the protective bull-bar, which has a combined reinforcing strut and sidestep running rearwards beneath the sills. The extensive camp area has become a firm favourite among many of the enthusiasts that attend and was a temporary home to around travellers and vehicles arriving from the most distant corners of Europe.

Once the show closes and the sun sinks behind the forested hills beyond the river, barbecues and log fires punctuate the darkness inviting friends and strangers to share their stories - social networking the old-fashioned way. With more than exhibitors, the outdoor show area was not only stage to quads, ATVs, pick-ups, and expedition trucks, but also to a wealth of accessories and equipment for each category of vehicle and every kind of adventure you may wish to embark upon.

Land Rover Germany displayed their latest models and offered rides with skilled drivers on a circuit of mixed terrain, which included a giant see- saw. For the more ambitious and experienced off-roaders, a self- drive course made it possible to climb behind the wheel of a selection of vehicles including fully- equipped expedition trucks, or even the highly- capable ex-military 4x4 MAN KAT, to kick up dust along the trail and drive through a water hole. The German Land Rover Club was allocated a spot next to the self-drive course, which meant they were coated in a thickening layer of dust thrown up when the trucks went by.

But with a tent for protection, they kept their spirits up and were keen to talk about the club and the vehicles they had on display, which included an early Range Rover and some overland-prepared Defenders. It goes without saying. Series Land Rovers are just as much a part of the scene as their more modern counterparts and several nice examples were to be seen. Taubenreuther, better known for their off-road accessories, displayed a fully restored 88 inch with a Fairey capstan winch. The restoration was completed in and included some light modifications to the suspension.

Very clean and tidy, except for the unavoidable, yet characteristic, dust, it was showing a sales price of 12, Euros with room for negotiation. This was marked up for sale as well, but at a considerably higher price beyond the 20, Euros mark. Now this show is a far cry from a collection of new and used spare parts - the focus is on preparing vehicles for serious off- roading and long-distance travel. Consequently, the companies who choose to exhibit here are mostly displaying products, which have proven themselves many-fold under the rigours of time, whilst the personnel behind them are seasoned drivers with the hands-on knowledge to give you good advice for your vehicle and its intended purpose.

As far as really practical appliances for a Land Rover go, Jeremy Bergh, who owns Alu-Cab from South Africa and is responsible for the product development, demonstrated his self-supporting degrees awning. Once installed, it opens out to cover the side and rear of the vehicle in under a minute. If the wind is up, you can use ropes, which are tucked away inside the beams to add more stability.

Packing it away is equally easy and quick. These and other products are available through his European distributor Genesis Import. If you are planning to travel outside of Europe, Famous- Water. They were the first to produce an autonomous desalination system which has since been developed to include fresh water decontamination as well - all fitted inside a portable aluminium box. Of course they also have filtration systems for your on-board tanks: pre-filters for when the tanks are replenished and in-line filters between the tank and the tap.

On the Saturday, Explorer Magazine had two couples sharing their stories: Martin Zech told of his two-year trip with his wife through 25 countries in South America and Asia driving a small 69 bhp converted van - and all on a shoestring budget. He has since produced a 90 minute film, which will soon be available in English. Sabine and Burkhard Koch have covered more than , km in II years in their purpose-built truck, which they've named the Pistenkuh which translates to the 'trail cow'.

They have produced a terrific series of films covering trips through a number of very different countries and terrain - and these too will soon become available in English, so watch this space. Due to take place between May 26 and 29, the I8th anniversary of Europe's largest cross-country fair promises to be a good one. Meet and talk to people who live and breathe 4x4s, check out the latest and greatest in off-road products and get inspiration from the array of vehicles on display as well as drive some of them.

Check out www. GL2 5QT www. NN14 IHW www. CNC machined hj11c4 housing. KS Con-rod brg set 3. Packet Boat lame. Now open , The GAS Station Cafe , Landrover themed cafe serving quality homemade soups , homebaking , lunches and freshly ground coffee. We even have Landrover shaped shortbread.

Tel: Email: gibsans4x4 btconnect. Ligltts the Trailer warning light correctly a world first! Just before they flew out to join it, the shipping agent called to say that their Defender had cleared customs and more importantly, quarantine. All their hard work and meticulous cleaning had been worth it. Pam and Dave arrived a week later and drove their Defender out of the bustling docks.

First up, a fuel stop before heading to the licensing office for a road toll tag. After an hour of negotiations the Aussie officials concluded that they could not issue a foreign vehicle with such thing, but fortunately told the couple not to worry about it. From there they headed to a pre-booked campsite for two days, where they went over the Defender with a fine tooth comb having spent two months in a container. This also gave them time to stock up on food and other supplies. They would be spending the next four months exploring the vastness of Australia Luckily Pam had spent a lot of researching their road trip, so that her and Dave knew exactly where they had go - like the Melbourne Grand Prix for example, and the places they had to see.

They didn't have a day- to-day time schedule as such, but they did have a basic plan. First they would head south through New South Wales, then west along the coast into Victoria towards Melbourne. They would then drop into south Australia, continuing along the coast into western Australia; here they would head north along the coast until they reached the Northern Territory. At this point they would head south to Alice Springs before crossing the mighty Simpson Desert.

The last leg would see them continue east back into New South Wales before taking the coastal road towards Sydney. It was an ambitious trek for a little Defender 90, and they had until June The day the car had to be in Botany Bay and the pair would be flying back to the UK. On the first leg of the trip along the coast, Pam and Dave quickly got into the routine of driving by day, then setting up near the beach before taking down camp the following 4WD-only tracks.

Soon they ; over the Murray River and heading into the ; state of Victoria. You have to go at the right speed to ; avoid the worst of the undulations of the : unsealed and gravel roads. Fuel checks showed that on the steep mountain passes the Td5 was using 23 mpg and on normal roads around 27 mpg. This was well within their planned budget. After stopping in Melbourne for the FI, they continued west, heading inland towards south Australia. But first they took in some 4x4- only desert tracks in the Murray Sunset National Park.

Encountering soft sand for the first time, the tyre pressures had to be lowered. While covering the park's km of unsealed tracks they never saw another vehicle or person. The Defender proved more than capable in the dunes despite being loaded with camping gear. This was a good sign for the big dunes that lay ahead. Crossing into southern Australia is not like crossing from one UK county into another. You have to pass through a quarantine point as they have restrictions on what foodstuffs you can take into the state.

A day later they passed through Wilmington, where a line-up of Series Land Rovers stood outside a toy and model museum, forced them to stop. The owner morning. Upon entering the inland Kosciuszko National Park they followed the Snowy Mountain Highway for several days, climbing to over feet. It had some pretty hairy drop-offs apparently, but the dramatic views made it all worthwhile. Soon they had their first proper challenge near Nimmitable where they found some '1 kindly took an hour out of his time talking through them all. Australians just love the older Land Rovers.

Next up was the famous Eyre Highway that crosses the Nullarbor Plain and is km long. It includes what is regarded as the longest straight stretch of road in Australia, between Balladonia and Caiguna, and is A few days later they rolled into Western Australia. Not long after crossing the state border they met a Swiss couple in a Defender Td5, who were also doing a trip around Australia. The state's capital Perth was purposefully bypassed but not the 4 km drive through the vertical limestone rocks sat in the desert at Pinnacles.

Dave also felt it was time to give the Defender a thorough check over and a good lube and greasing before heading further north into the Kalbarri National Park. It was left in the hands of a local Land Rover specialist in Geraldton and, astonishingly, they found nothing wrong or worn. I suppose when you have done the Outback Challenge a few times you know how to prepare a vehicle. They continued north along some of the most remote stretches of coastline in Australia, enjoying the glorious sunsets over the sea.

An oil leak from the auto gearbox could disable the vehicle and with no local 4x4 garage nearby, this could be a disaster. The oil level seemed normal; maybe the high temperatures and overfull gearbox had resulted in excess oil leaking out through the filler tube? Dave also discovered a leaking fuel tank sender seal; this was easily fixed.

A Land Rover, a beach and sunbathing kangaroos what more could you want! The next leg was a short km down to Alice Springs. Here they took time out to wash cloths, stock up on food and everjThing else civilisation has to offer, as well as the necessary permits for the 4x4 routes that lay ahead of them. After leaving Alice Springs the plan was to see Ayres Rock, which is just a short km drive away.

The most challenging section of their Australian trip, crossing the Simpson Desert, lay ahead.

They headed east on the Lasseter Highway followed by the Stuart Highway, camping at various roadhouses along the way. This would be the last tar road they would see for at least a week. They arrived back in Sydney on June 25 and spent a few days at a campsite just north of the city Five days later they took the packed Defender to the shipping agents in Botany Bay; the husband and wife team had completed their Australian Odyssey.

They had driven a grand total of 25, km in Australia. Later that day they hopped on a plane back to Yorkshire.

Their adventure of a lifetime was over. A month later their Defender arrived in Felixstowe; it started first time and they drove it home. A month later it passed its MoT, no worries. On their return, Pam poured over the fuel consumption figures.

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Considering the Td5 Defender had only been returning an average of This meant that they had made a big saving on their fuel budget - money that can be used for financing their next trip to Australia! He also disconnected the low range sensor from the auto gearbox, which stopped the engine's ECU from reducing power and throttle response at low revs.

Dave feels this makes driving the Td5 auto hard work in the sand. Just prior to reaching the Simpson Desert they stopped at the Mount Dare hotel to fix the r mandatory sand flag onto the Defender, At 3. This was also the last chance to fill up with fuel - with both tanks full and a jerry can as back up, they had ample juice for the crossing. This track is badly corrugated, causing vibrations, and is best driven in high range without diff lock.

By the end of the first day they had covered km of the km crossing. That night they literally camped in the middle of nowhere. The second day was km of more humps and dunes, but this was the real desert now and the corrugations were long gone. Dave had by now perfected his dune driving technique; he also experimented with tyre pressures.

When crossing dunes in a single day you soon get the hang of them. There are some dunes along the route, including the infamous Big Red dune, which is some 40 metres high, plus a couple of salt lakes thrown in for good measure. After three days alone in the desert they arrived in Birdsville, where they spent a few days. Pam did her fuel calculations and the Td5 had returned Here they spent a few days visiting locations where the Mad Max films were shot. From here it was a km easterly trek to the coast; they arrived at Tannum Sands in Queensland on June 3.

For the next three weeks they followed the coast south before eventually crossing back into New South Wales and on towards Sydney, where possible using minor surfaced roads and unsurfaced tracks. South facing in a private bay surrounded by high cliffs. Accessible only 4WD or on foot. The beach cottages are approximately Vi mile apart with a private water supply.

Both fully equipped and superbly isolated for a perfect holiday hideaway in a private bay. For further information, availability and prices please visit our website. It was from here that the leader of the Iceni, Queen Boudicca, launched her bloody revolt against Roman rule. Admiral Lord Nelson. The club was formed in to take part in trials and safaris on the vast acreage of MoD land known as the Stanford Battle Area. Then, when off-roading was banished from there, another famous ex-military ground was enlisted to take its place. Alas for the bombers - but no doubt happily for the occupants of the German capital - the armistice was signed before the airbase was ready.

But the base was ready for action when the Second World War broke out, in Grass air strips were all they needed. But the decades after WW2 saw a building boom the like of which Britain had never seen, rebuilding bombed-out towns and cities and building thousands of new homes for the baby boomer generation. The construction industry recruited hundreds of thousands of new workers, who all needed training.

These days, all sorts of entrants to the construction industry come to Bircham Newton to hone their skills. These include plant, crane and excavation drivers, who daily ply their skills on the plus acres of sandy ground that once formed part of the airfield. To many, this scarred expanse of disturbed soil is an alien environment akin to the surface of the moon. But to off-roaders this is Paradise on Earth. This includes a mud and water run so treacherous that two tractors work in tandem to extract the stricken motors and red-faced drivers. You only have to watch the participants in action to realise that the warring spirit of the people of Norfolk is as real today as it was in the day of the Iceni.

They, and their vehicles, are here to fight whatever is in their way. For the past three years, this event has been supported by Land Rover Monthly. Or at least it is supposed to be. In the hands of the Breckland drivers, it became a highly-competitive race against the clock. Organised by Lynn 'Twite, co-driver for the challenge was Tim Hammond, whose guidance and patience helped all competitors to negotiate the twisty course.

They were driving a standard Defender hard top, supplied by Hunters of Norwich. All entrants received a goody bag donated by Britpart. Competitors were bantering, egging each other on for faster times. Pride was at stake. Each year we try new ideas and this year's LRM Driving Challenge and Saturday evening's live band was a great success. We are already starting to plan next year's event. Wherever the road takes you, be confident in the knowledge that Sureterm Direct are with you, protecting your vehicle. Call our experienced team today on to get a quote and start your journey. For mutual security, calls are recorded and may be monitored for training purposes.

Tailor your classic Land Rover insurance policy to suit your needs. To discover the Footman James difference, call our friendly UK team for a quote today. All premiums assume the vehicle is not the main car and includes Insurance Premium Tax. Male driver aged over 25 years old, annual limited mileage, and full clean driving licence with no claims or convictions. Member of associated club. Postcode 0X10, vehicle garaged with no modifications. Registered in England No. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Telephone calls may be recorded. Call us today for a free, no obligation quote!

Calls may be monitored or recorded to help improve our service. VA7 1. VAT distributed Strong 9mm fibreboard [shelves k. James Street. The Pelham Centre. Calls from mobiles and other networks may vary. For security reasons, calls may be monitored. All prices correct at time of going to press. We reserve the right to change products and prices at any time. To mark this special anniversary the organisers have a special show planned. In addition to the normal host of trade and club stands. If you want to be part of the most incredible Land Rover experience on the planet make sure you turn up.

Entry is from Full details can be found on the website, and tickets can be purchased in advance online or on arrival. Alternatively give them a ring. Tel: Web: www. East Sussex WWW. The guided tour explores the myriad of lanes that exist with the research and knowledge of an experienced guide. The routes average 50 to 60 miles and usually entail six to seven hours of driving. Web: www. The event, which is open to any leaf sprung Land Rovers, takes place over the weekend of August 29 to Attractions include vehicle line-up, traders and autojumblers. To display your leaf sprung Land Rover simply turn up on the day and pay at the gate.

Camping space for exhibitors only is limited and must be booked in advance. With over camping units on the site, this has become a real family event with loads of activities to keep everyone busy The event includes a Tyro trial on the Sunday, a perfect introduction to our sport for complete novices and underage drivers. This non- damaging trial event that can be driven in showroom motors by drivers aged 13 and over. After the long winter break, including blood, sweat and tears shed on rebuilds and the creation of new motors, Baden Hall saw a full entry of 60 cars competing from various clubs.

The plan was to do six laps of a 4. With the first runs underway, it was clear to see that it would be a few of the familiar names at the top of the class one time sheets, with Peter Roberts putting in a blistering opening lap time of 8 minutes 28 seconds. This was over 20 seconds faster than the opening laps of Kevin Stubbs and Stuart Winter, who would both remain his closest competition throughout the day.