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Sociologists and anthropologists should take note. Anna and Vinnie Perrone were wed in , several years after the three of us graduated from the University of Maryland without honors. They fell into the usual suburban, marital routine — Vinnie watching untold hours of sports on TV and Anna ridiculing him for his pointless, ambitionless home-entertainment pursuit.

So finally, in , Anna — a career federal government worker who specialized in federal government work — suddenly decided, in some type of crazy karmic conjugal kickback, to start watching hockey games. Anna says she had been going to a fitness center located in the Gardens Ice House skating and hockey facility in Laurel, Maryland, and got hooked on hockey watching it there.

What college-educated woman, a hardened, inveterate nonsports fan, starts watching NHL games as a fortysomething? It would be saner to start smoking cigarettes after moving into Biosphere 2. In addition, Anna — who has difficulty changing lanes safely on the Capital Beltway in a Toyota Camry — got a certificate of achievement for participating in a Zamboni driving class. Plus, of course, as NHL devotees with tell you every spring, its postseason is the best in professional sports. If you hate Twitter so much, why are you on Twitter? Kathryn Brown; Providence, R. When we say that this slot machine has a classic theme, we should really say that the game by EGT has a classically inclined theme.

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That is because, in reality, this slot does play lose with the visual conventions of true arcade traditions, certainly enough to make slot machine purists consider it as a video slot rather than a pure vintage game. Gioca a Twin Spin Deluxe in esclusiva su unibet! Once it was revealed that about half of those on the Internet connect via a mobile device, webmasters took notice. For example, in the past, creators have tried to use our platform for events related to illegal activity and extreme activist groups.

These events may cause negative publicity and harm our reputation and brand. Some creators may not have, or are perceived not to have, legal and ethical business practices. Although we maintain procedures and policies, both automated and by human review, to prevent the usage of our platform for such purposes and to prevent such practices, our procedures and policies may not effectively reduce or eliminate the use of our platform by such creators.

In addition, certain creators or attendees may not agree with our decision to restrict certain creators or events from using our platform. If our platform is associated with illegal or offensive activity or creators and attendees disagree with our decision to restrict certain creators or events from using our platform, our reputation and brand may be harmed and our ability to attract and retain creators will be adversely impacted.

If we are unable to maintain a reputable platform that provides valuable solutions and desirable events, then our ability to attract and retain creators and attendees could be impaired and our reputation, brand and business could be harmed. Our platform might be used for illegal or improper purposes, all of which could expose us to additional liability and harm our business. Our platform remains susceptible to potentially illegal or improper uses by creators or attendees.

Illegal or improper uses of our platform may include money laundering, terrorist financing, drug trafficking, illegal online gaming, other online scams, illegal sexually-oriented services, phishing and identity theft, prohibited sales of pharmaceuticals, fraudulent sale of goods or services, posting of unauthorized intellectual property, unauthorized uses of credit and debit cards or bank accounts and similar misconduct.

Creators may also encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activities. Despite measures we have taken to detect and lessen the risk of this kind of conduct, we cannot guarantee that these measures will stop all illegal or improper uses of our platform. Our business could be harmed if creators use our system for illegal or improper purposes, which may expose us to liability. At the same time, if the measures we have taken to guard against these activities are too restrictive and inadvertently screen proper transactions, or if we are unable to apply and communicate these measures fairly and transparently, or we are perceived to have failed to do so, this could diminish the experience of creators and attendees, which could harm our business.

Factors adversely affecting the live event market could impact our results of operations. We help creators organize, promote and sell tickets and registrations to a broad range of events. Our business is directly affected by the success of such events and our revenue is impacted by the number of events, type of events and ticket prices of events produced by creators.

Adverse trends in one or more event industries could adversely affect our business. A decline in attendance at or reduction in the number of events may have an adverse effect on our revenue and operating income. During periods of economic slowdown and recession, consumers have historically reduced their discretionary spending. The impact of economic slowdowns on our business is difficult to predict, but they may result in reductions in ticket and registration sales and our ability to generate revenue.

Our business depends on discretionary consumer and corporate spending. Many factors related to discretionary consumer and corporate spending, including employment, fuel prices, interest and tax rates and inflation can adversely impact our results of operations.

For example, in January , five people were killed at a music festival in Mexico ticketed by us. Terrorism and security incidents in the past, military actions in foreign locations and periodic elevated terrorism alerts have increased public concerns regarding air travel, military actions and additional national or local catastrophic.

Table of Contents incidents and raised numerous challenging operating factors, including additional logistics for event safety and increased costs of security, which may detract from the creator and attendee experience and may harm our results of operations and those of creators. Furthermore, adverse weather and climate conditions could impact the success of an event and disrupt our operations in any of our offices or the operations of creators, third-party providers, vendors or partners. If an event is cancelled due to weather, attendees expect a refund, which harms our results of operations and those of creators.

Accordingly, any adverse condition could lead to unsatisfied attendees that require refunds or chargebacks or increase the complexity and costs for creators and us, which will have a negative effect on our business, results of operations and financial condition. Any significant system interruption or delays could damage our reputation, result in a potential loss of creators and adversely impact our business. Our ability to attract and retain creators depends on the reliable performance of our technology, including our websites, applications and information and related systems.

System interruptions, slow-downs and a lack of integration and redundancy in our information systems and infrastructure may adversely affect our ability to operate our technology, handle sales for high-demand events, process and fulfill transactions, respond to creator and attendee inquiries and generally maintain cost-efficient operations. We also rely on affiliate and third-party computer systems, broadband and other communications systems and service providers in connection with the provision of services generally, as well as to facilitate, process and fulfill transactions.

We have experienced, and may in the future experience, occasional system interruptions caused by outages by our partners that made some or all systems or data unavailable or prevented us from efficiently providing services or fulfilling orders. We outsource our cloud infrastructure to Amazon Web Services AWS , which hosts our platform, and therefore we are vulnerable to service interruptions at AWS, which could impact the ability of creators and attendees to access our platform at any time, without interruption or degradation of performance.

AWS may terminate the agreement by providing 30 days prior written notice and may, in some cases, terminate the agreement immediately for cause upon notice. In the event that our AWS service agreements are terminated, or there is a lapse of service, interruption of Internet service provider connectivity or damage to such facilities, we could experience interruptions in access to our platform as well as delays and additional expense in arranging new facilities and services.

For example, we previously experienced interruptions in performance of our platform because of a hardware error that AWS experienced. We may also incur significant costs for using an alternative cloud infrastructure provider or taking other actions in preparation for, or in reaction to, events that damage the AWS services we use. In addition, fire, flood, power loss, telecommunications failure, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, acts of war or terrorism, natural disasters and similar events or disruptions may damage or interrupt computer, broadband or other communications systems and infrastructures at any time.

While we have backup systems for certain aspects of our operations, disaster recovery planning by its nature cannot be sufficient for all eventualities. In addition, we may not have adequate insurance coverage to compensate for losses from a major interruption. Table of Contents In some instances, we may not be able to identify the cause or causes of these performance problems within a period of time acceptable to creators.

It may become increasingly difficult to maintain and improve our platform performance, especially during peak usage times, as the features of our platform become more complex and the usage of our platform increases. Any of the above circumstances or events may harm our reputation, cause creators to stop using our platform, impair our ability to increase revenue, impair our ability to grow our business, subject us to financial penalties and liabilities under our service level agreements and otherwise harm our business, results of operations and financial condition.

Our platform and solutions are accessed by a large number of creators and attendees often at the same time. As we continue to expand the number of creators and attendees and solutions available to creators and attendees, we may not be able to scale our technology to accommodate the increased capacity requirements, which may result in interruptions or delays in service. Furthermore, capacity constraints could be due to a number of potential causes including technical failures, natural disasters, fraud or security attacks.

In addition, the failure of AWS cloud infrastructure or other third-party Internet service providers to meet our capacity requirements could result in interruptions or delays in access to our platform or impede our ability to scale our operations. The occurrence of any of these events could have an adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial condition.

Creators rely on third-party platforms, such as Facebook and Spotify, to connect with and attract attendees and we depend on our platform of partners and developers to create applications that will integrate with our platform. Our platform interoperates with other third-party distributors, such as Facebook and Spotify. Attendees are able to access our platform and purchase tickets through these third-party services. Creators are able to publicize their events and sell tickets on these third-party sites.

The interoperability of our platform with these other sites allows creators to reach more attendees and makes our platform more appealing to creators. These third-party partners may terminate their relationship with us, limit certain integration functionality, change their treatment of our services or restrict access to their platform by creators at any time. If any such third-party services becomes incompatible with our platform or the use of our platform and solutions on such third-party platforms are restricted in the future, our business will be harmed.

In addition, to the extent that Google, Facebook or other leading large technology companies that have a significant presence in our key markets, disintermediate ticketing or event management providers, whether by offering their own comprehensive event-focused or shopping capabilities, or by referring leads to suppliers, other favored partners or themselves directly, there could be an adverse impact on our business, results of operations and financial condition.

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We also depend on our platform of integrated product partners connecting through our API to create applications that will integrate with our platform, such as Salesforce, HubSpot and MailChimp, and to allow them to integrate with our solutions. This presents certain risks to our business, including:. Many of these risks are not within our control to prevent, and our brand may be damaged if these applications do not perform to the satisfaction of creators and attendees and that dissatisfaction is attributed to us. Changes in Internet search engine algorithms and dynamics, or search engine disintermediation, or changes in marketplace rules could have a negative impact on traffic for our sites and ultimately, our business and results of operations.

We rely heavily on Internet search engines, such as Google, to generate traffic to our website, principally through free or organic search. In addition, a search engine could, for competitive or other purposes, alter its search algorithms or results causing our websites to place lower in organic search query results. If a major search engine changes its algorithms in a manner that negatively affects the search engine ranking of our websites or those of our partners, our business and financial performance would be adversely affected.

Furthermore, our failure to successfully manage our search engine optimization could result in a substantial decrease in traffic to our websites, as well as increased costs if we were to replace free traffic with paid traffic. In the future, Apple, Google or other marketplace operators may make changes to their marketplaces that make access to our products more difficult.

For example, our applications may receive unfavorable treatment compared to the promotion and placement of competing applications, such as the order in which they appear within marketplaces. Similarly, if problems arise in our relationships with providers of application marketplaces, traffic to our site and our user growth could be harmed.

Our business may be subject to chargebacks and other losses for various reasons, including due to fraud, unsuccessful or cancelled events. These chargebacks and other losses may harm our results of operations and business. We have experienced, and may in the future experience, claims from attendees that creators have not performed their obligations or that events did not match their descriptions.

These claims could arise from creator fraud or misuse, an unintentional failure of the event or from fraudulent claims by an attendee. We have experienced fraudulent activity on our platform in the past, including fake events in which a person sells tickets to an event but does not intend to hold an event or fulfill the ticket, email spam being sent through our platform, a third party taking over the account of a creator to receive payments owed to such creator or orders placed with fraudulent or stolen credit card data and other erroneous transmissions.

Although we have measures in place to detect and reduce the occurrence of fraudulent activity on our platform, those measures may not always be effective. These measures must be continually improved and may not be effective against evolving methods of fraud or in connection with new platform offerings. If we cannot adequately control the risk of fraudulent activity on our platform, it could harm our business, results of operations and financial condition.

We also may experience chargebacks and losses as a result of advance payment of ticket fees to creators. However, we face growing pressure from creators to advance some or most of their event funds prior to completion of their events because creators need these funds to pay for event related costs such as the venue, marketing, talent and vendors.

For qualified creators who apply for such advance payments, we pass proceeds from ticket sales to the creators prior to the event as we receive the ticket proceeds, subject to certain limitations.

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We refer to these payments as. Table of Contents advance payouts. The terms of our standard merchant agreement obligates creators to repay us for ticket sales advanced under such circumstances.

However, we may not be able to recover our losses from these events and such unrecoverable amounts could equal up to the value of the transaction or transactions passed to the creator prior to the event that is disputed. This amount could be many multiples of the fees we collect from such transaction. In the case of failure of an entire event or series of events, the volume of transactions charged back or disputed could have an adverse impact on our financial position. We have established processes and risk mitigation measures around these advance payouts.

However, these advance payments pose a challenging financial risk, and our standard fraud and risk controls may be ineffective in addressing this risk. Furthermore, we must also strike a balance between these protective measures and the needs of creators for access to ticket sales through a convenient and easy process, which many of our competitors provide. If these measures do not succeed, or if we fail to strike the right balance between protective measures and creator needs, our business and results of operations may be harmed.

Our failure to manage the risk of advance payouts to creators and to mitigate chargebacks and disputes due to fraud of a creator or otherwise or to recover the resulting losses from creators could have an adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial condition.

We rely on the experience and expertise of our founders, senior management team, key technical employees and other highly skilled personnel and the failure to retain, motivate or integrate any of these individual could have an adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial condition. Our success depends upon the continued service of our founders and senior management team and key technical employees, as well as our ability to continue to attract and retain additional highly qualified personnel. Our future success depends on our continuing ability to identify, hire, develop, motivate, retain and integrate highly skilled personnel for all areas of our organization.

Each of our founders, executive officers, key technical personnel and other employees could terminate his or her relationship with us at any time. The loss of any of our founders or any other member of our senior management team or key personnel might significantly delay or prevent the achievement of our business objectives and could harm our business and our relationships.

Competition in our industry for qualified employees is intense. In addition, our compensation arrangements, such as our equity award programs, may not always be successful in attracting new employees and retaining and motivating our existing employees. Furthermore, several members of our management team were hired recently. If we are not able to integrate these new team members or if they do not perform adequately, our business may be harmed. We face significant competition for personnel, particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area where our headquarters is located.

To attract top talent, we have had to offer, and believe we will need to continue to offer, competitive compensation and benefits packages. We may also need to increase our employee compensation levels in response to competition. We may not be able to hire new employees quickly enough to meet our needs.

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If we fail to effectively manage our hiring needs or successfully integrate new hires, including our recently hired management team members, our efficiency, ability to meet forecasts and our employee morale, productivity and retention could suffer, which may harm our business. Our corporate culture has contributed to our success, and if we cannot maintain this culture as we grow, we could lose the innovation, creativity and teamwork fostered by our culture, which could harm our business.

We believe that our corporate culture has been an important contributor to our success, which we believe fosters innovation, teamwork and passion for creators. Most of our employees have been with us for fewer than. Table of Contents two years as a result of our rapid growth. As we continue to grow, we must effectively integrate, develop and motivate a growing number of new employees.

As a result, we may find it difficult to maintain our corporate culture, which could limit our ability to innovate and operate effectively. Any failure to preserve our culture could also negatively affect our ability to retain and recruit personnel, maintain our performance or execute on our business strategy. If we fail to manage our growth effectively, our business, financial condition and results of operations could be harmed.

We have experienced, and may continue to experience, rapid growth and organizational change, such as additional controls and procedures and new functional groups within our company, through organic growth or as the result of integrating acquired companies. For example, the number of Eventbrite employees has increased from on June 30, to 1, on June 30, and we expect to add more employees in the future.

This growth and these changes have placed, and may continue to place, significant demands on our management, operational and financial resources. Our organizational structure is becoming more complex as we build the proper level of operational, financial and management controls and develop our reporting systems and procedures. We will require significant expenditures and the allocation of valuable management resources to grow and change in these areas and integrate acquired companies.

If we fail to manage our anticipated growth and changes and integrate acquired companies in a manner that preserves rapid innovation, attention to creator satisfaction and overall culture, the quality of our platform and our reputation may suffer, which could negatively affect our ability to retain and attract creators and impact our business, results of operations and financial condition.

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Our rapid growth makes it difficult to evaluate our future prospects and may increase the risk that we will not continue to grow at or near historical rates. We have grown rapidly over the last several years, and as a result, our ability to forecast our future results of operations is subject to a number of uncertainties, including our ability to effectively plan for and model future growth. We have encountered in the past, and will encounter in the future, risks and uncertainties frequently experienced by growing companies in rapidly changing industries.

If our assumptions regarding these risks and uncertainties, which we use to plan and operate our business, are incorrect or change, or if we do not address these risks successfully, our results of operations could differ materially from our expectations, our growth rates may slow and our business would suffer. Our pricing package options were recently launched and may affect our ability to attract or retain creators.

In the past, we have adjusted our prices either for individual creators in connection with long-term agreements or for new markets. In September , we launched new pricing package options for creators based on the features required, service level desired and budget. While we determined these prices and packages based on prior experience and feedback from creators, our assessments may not be accurate and we could be underpricing or overpricing our services, which may require us to continue to adjust our pricing packages.

In addition, if our platform or services change, then we may need to, or choose to, revise our pricing. Such changes to our pricing model or our ability to efficiently price our packages and solution could harm our business, results of operations and financial condition and impact our ability to predict our future performance. If we cannot attract and retain attendees, our business will be harmed. In order to continue to support creators, we need to continue to provide a compelling platform for creators to attract and retain attendees.

If attendees become dissatisfied with their experiences on our platform or at an event, they make request refunds, provide negative reviews of our platform or decide not to attend future events on our platform, all of which would harm our business and reputation. A significant number of our employees are located in Argentina and any favorable or unfavorable developments in Argentina could have an impact on our results of operations.

A significant number of our employees, including engineering and sales and marketing employees, are located in Argentina, and therefore, a portion of our operating expenses are denominated in Argentine pesos. As of June 30, , we had a total of employees located in Argentina, of which 75 are engineers.

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If the peso strengthens against the U. Our business activities in Argentina also subject us to risks associated with changes in and interpretations of Argentine law, including laws related to employment, the protection and ownership of intellectual property and U. Furthermore, if we had to scale down or close our Argentine operations, there would be significant time and cost required to relocate those operations elsewhere, which could have an adverse impact on our overall cost structure.

Such policies could destabilize the country and adversely affect our business and operating expenses. In addition, Argentina has experienced labor unrest over wages and benefits paid to workers. In the past, the Argentine government has passed laws, regulations, and decrees requiring companies in the private sector to maintain minimum wage levels and provide specified benefits to employees and may do so again in the future.

Employers have also experienced significant pressure from their employees and labor organizations to increase wages and to provide additional employee benefits. Any disruptions, labor unrest, or increased personnel-related expenses in Argentina could have an adverse effect on our business and operating expenses. Our metrics and estimates are subject to inherent challenges in measurement, and real or perceived inaccuracies in those metrics may seriously harm and negatively affect our reputation and our business.

We regularly review metrics to evaluate growth trends, measure our performance, and make strategic decisions. These metrics are calculated using internal company data and have not been validated by an independent third party. Errors or inaccuracies in our metrics or data could result in incorrect business decisions and inefficiencies.

Furthermore, if we discover material inaccuracies in our metrics, we may not be able to accurately assess the health of our business and our reputation and our business may be harmed. Table of Contents The estimates of market opportunity and forecasts of market growth included in this prospectus may prove to be inaccurate, and even if the market in which we compete achieves the forecasted growth, our business could fail to grow at similar rates, if at all. Market opportunity estimates and growth forecasts included in this prospectus, including those we have generated ourselves or commissioned others to estimate on our behalf, are subject to significant uncertainty and are based on assumptions and estimates that may not prove to be accurate.

Even if the market in which we compete meets the size estimates and growth forecasted in this prospectus, our business could fail to grow for a variety of reasons, which would adversely affect our results of operations. Creator and attendee growth and retention depend upon effective interoperation with operating systems, networks, devices, web browsers and standards that we do not control.

We make our platform available across a variety of operating systems and web browsers. We are dependent on the interoperability of our platform with popular devices, mobile operating systems and web browsers that we do not control, such as Android, iOS, Chrome and Firefox. Any changes, bugs or technical issues in such systems, devices or web browsers that degrade the functionality of our platform, make it difficult for creators or attendees to access or use our platform, impose fees related to our platform or give preferential treatment to competitive products or services could adversely affect usage of our platform.

In the event that it is difficult for creators or attendees to access and use our platform, our business and results of operations could be harmed. Our failure to successfully address the evolving market for transactions on mobile devices and to build mobile products could harm our business. A significant and growing portion of creators and attendees access our platform through mobile devices.

The number of people who access the Internet and purchase goods and services through mobile devices, including smartphones and handheld tablets or computers, has increased significantly in the past few years and is expected to continue to increase. If we are not able to provide creators and attendees with the experience and solutions they want on mobile devices, our business may be harmed. While we have created mobile applications and versions of much of our web content, if these mobile applications and versions are not well received by creators and attendees, our business may suffer.

In addition, we face different fraud risks and regulatory risks from transactions sent from mobile devices than we do from personal computers. If we are unable to effectively anticipate and manage these risks, our business and results of operations may be harmed. Our software is highly complex and may contain undetected errors. The software underlying our platform is highly complex and may contain undetected errors or vulnerabilities, some of which may only be discovered after the code has been used in a production environment to deliver products and services. In such an event, we may be required or may choose to expend additional resources in order to help correct the problem.

There can be no assurance that provisions typically included in our agreements with creators that attempt to limit our exposure to claims would be enforceable or adequate or would otherwise protect us from. Table of Contents liabilities or damages with respect to any particular claim. Even if unsuccessful, a claim brought against us by any creators would likely be time-consuming and costly to defend and could seriously damage our reputation and brand.

We rely on software and services licensed from other parties. Defects in or the loss of software or services from third parties could increase our costs and adversely affect the quality of our service. Components of our platform include various types of software and services licensed from unaffiliated third parties. Our business would be disrupted if any of the software or services we license from others or functional equivalents thereof were either no longer available to us or no longer offered on commercially reasonable terms.

In either case, we would be required to either redesign our platform to function with software or services available from other parties or develop these components ourselves, which would result in increased costs and could result in delays in the release of new solutions and services on our platform. Furthermore, we might be forced to limit the features available in our platform due to changes by our third-party software and service providers. In addition, if we fail to maintain or renegotiate any of these software or service licenses, we could face significant delays and diversion of resources in attempting to license and integrate functional equivalents.

If we fail to adequately protect our intellectual property rights, our competitive position could be impaired and we may lose valuable assets, generate reduced revenue and incur costly litigation to protect our rights. Our success is dependent, in part, upon protecting our intellectual property rights. We rely on a combination of patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade secret laws and contractual restrictions to establish and protect our intellectual property rights in our platform.

However, the steps we take to protect our intellectual property may be inadequate. We will not be able to protect our intellectual property if we are unable to enforce our rights or if we do not detect unauthorized use of our intellectual property. While we take precautions, it may still be possible for unauthorized third parties to copy our technology and use our proprietary information to create solutions and services that compete with ours. Some license provisions protecting against unauthorized use, copying, transfer and disclosure of our technology may be unenforceable under the laws of certain jurisdictions and foreign countries.

Further, the laws of some countries do not protect proprietary rights to the same extent as the laws of the United States. To the extent we expand our international activities, our exposure to unauthorized copying and use of our technology and proprietary information may increase. We enter into confidentiality and invention assignment agreements with our employees and consultants and enter into confidentiality agreements with the parties with whom we have strategic relationships and business alliances.

No assurance can be given that these agreements will be effective in controlling access to, and use and distribution of, our platform and proprietary information. Further, these agreements do not prevent our competitors from independently developing technologies that are substantially equivalent or superior to our platform or solutions. In order to protect our intellectual property rights, we may be required to spend significant resources to monitor and protect these rights. Litigation may be necessary in the future to enforce our intellectual property rights and to protect our trade secrets.

Litigation to protect and enforce our intellectual property rights could be costly, time consuming and distracting to management and could result in the impairment or loss of portions of our intellectual property. Our efforts to enforce our intellectual property rights may be met with defenses, counterclaims and countersuits attacking the validity and enforceability of our intellectual property rights.

In addition, we may be required to license additional technology from third parties to develop and market new features in our platform or solutions, and we cannot assure you that we could license that technology on commercially reasonable terms or at all. Our inability to license such technology on commercially reasonable terms could adversely affect our ability to compete. Table of Contents We use open source software in our platform, which could subject us to litigation or other actions. We use open source software in our platform and may use more open source software in the future.

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The terms of many open source licenses to which we are subject have not been interpreted by U. From time to time, there have been claims challenging the ownership of open source software against companies that incorporate open source software into their solutions.

As a result, we could be subject to lawsuits by parties claiming ownership of what we believe to be open source software. Litigation could be costly for us to defend, have an adverse effect on our business, results of operations or financial condition or require us to devote additional research and development resources to change our platform. In addition, if we were to combine our proprietary software with open source software in a certain manner, we could, under certain of the open source licenses, be required to release the source code of our proprietary software.

If we inappropriately use open source software, we may be required to re-engineer our platform, discontinue the sale of our platform or take other remedial actions. In addition to risks related to license requirements, use of certain open source software can lead to greater risks than use of third-party commercial software, as open source licensors generally do not provide warranties or controls on the origin of software. Our business is subject to various import and export regulations. Economic and trade sanctions programs that are administered by the U. As federal, state and foreign legislative regulatory scrutiny and enforcement actions in these areas increase, we expect our costs to comply with these requirements will increase, perhaps substantially.

While we have policies and procedures for compliance with these economic sanctions regulations, given the technical limitations in developing measures that will prevent access to Internet-based services from particular geographies or by particular individuals, and additional factors, such as the ability of users to place on our platform false or deliberately misleading information, we believe that we may have provided services in connection with events that were located in a country subject to an embargo by the United States that may not have been in compliance with the economic sanctions regulations administered by OFAC.

We have previously identified and expect we will continue to identify customer accounts for our platform and services that may originate from or are intended to benefit, persons in countries that are subject to U. We will continue to work to remediate gaps in our compliance policies and procedures, potentially in ways that may be time-consuming or result in the delay or loss of sales opportunities or impose other costs.

Additionally, we cannot guarantee these measures will be fully effective in deterring unlawful activity on our platform. OFAC may conduct its own investigation of these events to determine whether to assess fines and penalties. We cannot predict when OFAC will complete its review and determine whether any violations occurred or levy penalties, including potential penalties against us for facilitating unlawful activity.

Each instance in which we provide services through our platform may constitute a separate violation of these laws. Further, our products incorporate encryption technology. These encryption products may be exported from the United States only with the required export authorizations, including by a license, a license exception or other. Table of Contents appropriate government authorizations.

Such products may also be subject to certain regulatory reporting requirements. Governmental regulation of encryption technology and of exports and imports of encryption products, or our failure to obtain required approval for our products and services, when applicable, could harm our international sales and adversely affect our revenue. Compliance with applicable regulatory requirements regarding the provision of our products and services, including with respect to new products and services, may delay the introduction of our products and services in various markets or, in some cases, prevent the provision of our products and services to some countries altogether.